TRADE-LINK (Mfg.Silica Gel) is one the most trusted names as a Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Silica Gel, across India in different user of Silica Gel Desiccant. We are operational from the India state of Gujarat (Mehsana District) and manufacturing high quality of White & Blue Silica Gel in all the Mesh Size, Grades & Quality.

Orange Silica Gel

Orange Silica Gel Beads is well known as Round Silica Gel or Spherical Silica Gel. Including blue indicator (with cobalt chloride) and orange indicator (non cobalt metal) Usually used as dryer and humidity indicator for SILICA GEL BRETHERS, precision instruments, medicine, petrol chemicals, foodstuff, clothing, leather, electric appliances, other industrial gases, etc.

Size Available in Orange Silica Gel :
  • 2 - 5mm
  • 4 - 6 mm

Technical Specifications

Item Orange
Type Indicating
Color Change Orange to Green
Absorption Capacity RH=20% Min. 9.0%
RH=50% Min. 22.0%
Moisture 2.00%
Ball Ratio (Round Shape) 95 % min
Attrition Max 10%
Qualified Ratio of Particle Min. 90%
Bulk Density 750g/L
Specific Resistance (Ω·cm) 220
Color Variation at diff.RH RH=20% Light Brown-Yellow
RH=35% Light Brown-Green
RH=50% Light Blackish-Green